The most trusted and popular school to start your child's education within Colombo 15.   

Individual attention, Dedicated Coaching and Personal Care is FORTE.

We nurture your child towards a truly international citizen beyond boundaries.

Give your CHILD the BEST. Don't SETTLE for LESS.

# 843, Bloemendhal Road, Colombo 15, Sri Lanka.
Hotline : 0755 959099


Our Vision:
To fulfill the aspirations of parents who dream about their children to be an all rounded responsible citizens who can enjoy unprecedented opportunities within school and beyond.”
Our Mission:
To nurture and enhance the student's learning potential & experience. 
To achieve global accreditation for academic excellence. 
Individual Attention, Dedicated Coaching, and Personal Care is our FORTE.

About us:
Dharul Hikma International School had a humble start on 1st of June 2006 with 17 students with 3 teachers from Nursery to Grade 3. 

Since inception, more than building a number of students with just giving away free admissions Dharul Hikma was building the educational strategy on a long term perspective. Alhamdulillah, it has now reached in its 8th year.

We have reached a sizable growth and people have recognized Dharul Hikma International School to be a reliable school within Colombo 15 for education. (Independent survey) Dharul Hikma stand ahead of other schools for its standard of Education, Teaching methods and Evaluation.    

Play Group, LKG & UKG - A.M.I Montessori Method. 
Grade 1 to GCE (Ordinary Level) :  International syllabus coupled with National Curriculum leading towards GCE (OL).
Sinhala and Tamil as second languages.
Arabic as an additional language.
ICT and all other national curricular subjects.  
Present classes : Play group to Grade 11. (Already 2 batches have completed GCE OL successfully)

Dharul Hikma as an International School is determined to give the best English medium education at an affordable fees, to become the best school for education, deviating from the concept of only a money making venture. So it stands out among other schools within the vicinity.

Dharul Hikma also has become popular on account of its emphasis on providing the best academic developments including cultural activities, while preserving the national identity and social norms. 

Our Staff :
Dharul Hikma’s achievement over the years has been no doubt the result of proper staff recruitment and in house training given to the teachers under A.M.I. and I.M.S. methods. Teachers are well guided to dedicate themselves to cater the best to the students and have been doing a great work.

Our Fees:
Compared to other International Schools, Dharul Hikma is not expensive but moderate. It provides an opportunity for parents of different socio cultural and financial dimensions to educate their children at reasonable rates. Being different to the fact that only privileged rich could get English medium education, it’s a breakthrough at Dharul Hikma giving access to children of different financial backgrounds.

Academic Period:
From January to December with 3 semesters / examination terms.

Montessori admissions received anytime of the year.
Grade 1 to 11 - Applications are received from October to December every year, for the January intake.
Admission Fees: All new admissions will pay an Admission Fees, and there after a Monthly Fees.

Girls and Boys separate classes from Grade 1 to 11.

Admission Procedure:

For Grade 1 :
  • Our nursery class students become eligible automatically.
  • 2 years of Montessori studies in an English medium recognised Montessori.
  • Age 5+ plus at the time of registration.
  • Class placement subject to our standards.
  • Admission accepted from all communities.
From Grade 2 to GCE OL :
  • Outside students are accepted only if they have studied in an English medium school.
  • Past performance will be  assessed.
  • Aptitude test will be held.
  • Class placements subject to our standards. 
  • This category is not encouraged but considered on special grounds. 
  • Admission accepted from all communities.
Other terms and conditions will apply.


Guidance Montessori is a perfect place to start your child’s education.  The AMI method (Associated Montessori International) of nursery teaching gives them a quality education right from the beginning.

The main aim of the A.M.I. method is to develop the children between 3 to 5 years through their development of the senses and improve their Language skills. Children choose what they like and play with them according to their mental capacity. This way children learn to read and write before reaching 5 years orderly in their behaviour. 

On the other hand IMS (Islamic Montessori System) has a set discipline to develop a child from birth to maturity.

Dharul Hikma has been successful in associating these two most recognized Montessori systems around the world giving a rare opportunity of children getting tuned academically and spiritually.

For Play Group, LKG & UKG. 
  • Age 2 1/2 to 3 for Play Group.
  • Age 3+ for LKG.
  • Age 4+ for UKG.
  • Admissions accepted from all communities.
Strategically this is one syllabus and students will start from the beginning irrespective of the age and class they join.

Academic Period:
From January to December with 3 semesters / examination terms.

Montessori admissions received anytime of the year.
Admission Fees: All new admissions will pay an Admission Fees, and there after a Monthly Fees.


2016/05 Montessori Trip to Dehiwela Zoo.
2016/08 Primary students Anuual Trip
2016/09 Secondary students Anuual Trip
2016/10 10th Anniversary celebrations.

2015/01 Meelad Competitions.
2015/01 Annual Award Ceremony
2015/02 Independence Day celebrations
2015/07 Ifthaar programme
2015/08 Walk Parad participation with world climate change at Viharam Maha Devi park.

2014/02 Annual Prize Giving at the Modera Pradeepa Hall.
2014/02 Wisdom Paper launched.
2014/02 Diploma Teachers - Graduation.
2014/02 Meelad- un Nabi celebrations.
2014/02 National Day celebrations.
2014/02 Islam Book official launch.
2014/02 Arabic Book for Kindergarten launched.
2014/03 Annual Athletic Meet at the Mutwal Grounds.
2014/04 Dharul Hikma Cricket launched.
2014/06 Secondary class Girls section trip to Museam and other places.
2014/07 Ifthar programme by the Teachers.
2014/09 Affiliation with SEGI University in Malaysia.
2014/10 Children's day celebration.
2014/10 Open Art Competition.
2014/10 Teacher's day celebrations.
2014/10 Islamic New year (Muharram day) celebrations.
2014/10 Leadership Council of Dharul Hikma commissioned.
2014/10 Monthly Teacher Training Seminar commissioned.
2014/10 Monthly Memory Training commissioned.
2014/11 Deepavali celebrations.

2013/01 Diploma and Higher Diploma in Education course commissioned.  
2013/04  Independence Day Celebrations.
2013/06  Trip to Guruge National Park.
2013/07 Diploma & Higher Diploma in Teacher Training Course commenced.

2012/04  Independence Day Celebration.
2012/10  Children's Day Celebration.
2012/10  Teachers Day Celebration.
2012/12  Prize Giving Ceremony.

2011/02  A.M.I Montessori first batch passing out ceremony.
2011/02  Meelad-un-Nabi Celebration.
2011/03  Tap the Genius in you - Memory Training programme.
2011/03  Institute Affiliation Legenda Education Group, Malaysia.
2011/04  Institute Affiliation with South Asian Research Centre for Advances Studies, Delhi, India.
2011/05  Started MBA Internship programme with International Institute of Management, Delhi.

2010/03  Meelad-un-Nabi Celebration.
2010/06  Starting Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training course. (A.M.I. Method) 
2010/10  Children’s Day Celebration.
2010/10  Appointment as City & Guilds (UK) Training Centre.
2009/02  Inauguration of Dharul Hikma Arabic Madrasa.
2009/03  Meelad-un-Nabi celebration.
2009/07  Trip to Guruge Nature Park.
2009/10  Children’s day celebration.
2009/11. Arts & Computer Competitions for all schools.
2009/12. Prize Giving Ceremony at Modera Hamza School Hall.
2008/01  Inauguration of Dharul Hikma Institute.
2008/03  Meelad-un-Nabi Celebration.
2008/10  Children’s day Celebrations.
2008/12  Prize giving ceremony at school premises.

2007/11  Trip to National Zoo, Museum & Historical Places.
2007/12  Prize giving  ceremony at School premises.


2009/10. Dharul Hikma students participated at the 17th Anniversary Arts & Computer Competition held by Kingston College International on 17/10/2009 and the following awards were received.

Gold Medal for Computer under 16 Years - Asma Akram
Gold Medal for Computer under 10 Years - Munthazim Imran
Bronze Medal for Arts under 16 Years - Asma Akram
Bronze Medal for Arts under 13 Years - Husna Akram
Merit Certificate for Computer under 13 Years - Husna Akram
Merit Certificate for Computer under 10 years - Nouf Saroos

2009/11. Dharul Hikma conducted an Arts, Science, Computer & General Knowledge open Competition open to all schools under the theme of “SHOW YOUR COLOURS @ DHARUL HIKMA” and was positively responded by outside schools as well.

Held on November 7th & 8th from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm
Age Groups: Under 7 / Under 10 / Under 13 / Under 16 / Under 20 Years.

Certificates and Medals were awarded at the Grand Year End Ceremony.

Total Awards : 45 Gold Medals, 25 Silver Medals, 25 Bronze Medals, 180 Certificates.

Participated Schools: Ilma International, Oasis International, Kingston College International, Ikra International School, Dharul Ilm International, Ababeel International, Zahira College Maradana, Muslim Ladies College.


Message from the Head of Leadership Council.

It is indeed a blessing to be associated with Dharul Hikma. I joined Dharul Hikma as the first student and completed my academic studies successfully. Once again joined as the first student for the Diploma in Montessori course under AMI method. After successful completion of the course I took in charge of the Montessori and gave the right direction for the development. Incidentally that changed the culture of Dharul Hikma International School and I was made the Teacher in charge of the Descipline in a Director position. Subsequently I started teaching for Diploma courses and I was honoured as the Head of the Leadership council.

Through out the period Guidance and Counseling of the Director and Principal and the Directress of Dharul Hikma, I have no words to appreciate. It is shear confidence boosted by him has brought to me of what I am today.

I wish, Dharul Hikma a great success and shall be with it, in its every progress as the strong hold. In Sha Allah.

Asmaa Akram
Dip in TT (DHI)
Head of the Leadership Council
Teacher in charge of Montessori Education
Teacher in charge of Descipline.
Message from the Member of Leadership Council.

I joined Dharul Hikma as the second  student and completed my academic studies successfully. It was a blessing that Dharul Hikma staff, specially the non stop guidance by the Director/Principle gave me the courage to step up in the right direction.    
Then I joined the Diploma in Teacher Training programme which really motivated to be a special Teacher.  My dreams were brought to live with things happening as I wanted. I successfully completed the Islam Book writing.  It was indeed a miracle Dharul Hikma giving me such a noble opportunity. Alhamdu Lillah.
Dharul Hikma vested me with another responsibility to be teacher in charge primary section in developing all criteria's. Thank God had been successfully implemented strategic improvement and I was honored as a Director and a member in the Leadership council.
I am all out to thank and appreciate the Director/Principal and the Directress of Dharul Hikma, for giving me such a responsibility and making me achieve things positively.  
I have no stop over, hoping to develop the school in its vision of fulfilling the aspiration of parents and the hopes of children. In Sha Allah. 

M.A.F. Husna.  
Dip in TT (DHI)
Member of the Leadership Council  

He had a dream to build a school

a place to create future minds

with young minds to mould and teach and counsel

with those whom he could lead.

he guide us not only to teach the child

but how to teach them

and his scope is to make us

from an ordinary teacher to extra ordinary teacher.


and he always plead us
don't order the child as a judge
counsel them to do their task alone
and which ever path they wonder down
they will never be alone.
for their teacher will be there to guide them
to help them along. 
he keenly listen to our tiny thoughts
and always gave us a value of pearl.
he gave the plugs in our hands
which he had already structured the switches
to charge the children's mind.
he never ordered us to do the task
Teaching is a noble profession
these are the golden words which he reminded us
and made us to do our task honestly
he trained us
to read the child's mind
the ways to surrender the blooming buds with care
and to pull out their potential power
to explore their mind powers.
He thought us to
realize the importance of creating goals
each and every moment he says us
there is no "I" or "ME"
but only "WE" and "US"
he is cool and calm gentlemen
but if we face him with a mistake
still he is cool and calm
always patiently forgive us with a humble smile
he started small but he started good
and each of those who knew him
for ever will say
in him we found
the wisest of teachers
and an inspiring leader
a perfect model
and a person to respect.
he is a wonderful teacher for the teachers
he is the backbone of the school
It is hard to imagin what DHI would be without him
Dear Respectable Sir,
it is a great opportunity which God gifted
us to learn and work under your guidance
May you be armed strong with values as the
years see us through.
congratulations well done and best of luck too.

Faseeha Fayaz
Dip in TT.(DHI)
Member of the Leadership Council
Teacher in Charge of Sports, Athletics & Extra Curricular Activities.   

The experience at Dharul Hikma International school

I joined Dharul Hikma in November 2013, but the intensity of the experience I gained here is really vast. The comfortable surrounding built here is well made and is excellent in performing educational activities. The co-teachers are very friendly and I am impressed of the unconditional love they show towards the students. I truly believe that it is because of the opportunities the Director & the Principal has bestowed us with.

I really feel delighted and proud to be a part of Dharul Hikma team and I wish to dedicate myself for the progress and success of Dharul Hikma International School.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the endeavor towards a better educational system. Once again congratulations on a well done job.

Fathima Sumayya
Dip in TT (DHI)
Member of the Leadership Council
Teacher in charge of Secondary Classes.


It is a worthy cause to contribute towards education.  Dharul Hikma keeps its doors open to well wishers and charitable organisations. 

Dharul Hikma has accommodated few under privileged students and concession given within limits. You could contribute for a deserving child by way of a cash donation, funding for school text books, stationeries, uniforms, school fees and even for a new admission. 


As an International School, it is a viable long term project. Be wise in investing in a school which has already progressed and become known for its standards.
Long term strategic Plan :
To reach the level of University.
Terms: (Negotiable)
Investment on sharia compliant basis.
For further details kindly contact :
Mr. Mohamed on 0755 959099 or by email :

Man can only plan. It is Almighty Allah who guide and give strength to us. This is our belief.


 Dharul Hikma Institute was started in January 2008, due to demand for varied education needs around the neighbourhood. Started as a Tuition centre, it has now expanded towards a professional training centre.

Dharul Hikma Institute has academically partnered with the following higher studies providers.


Courses offered in Malaysia :

* Academic partner of the Bangkok School of Management, Thailand.

* Approved Training Centre of City & Guilds (UK)

Courses offered in Sri Lanka : International Esol Diploma. This Diploma is benchmarked as per the Common European framework of reference for Languages, making it easily comparable to TOEFL, IELTS, ALTE, NQF.

* The Sri Lankan agent for Skills Malaysia.


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakaathuhu.

Alhamdulillah by the grace of almighty ALLAH, he blessed me to complete the writing of Islam Book series from grade 1 to 11 for the use in International schools. I have been an Islam and Arabic teacher at Dharul Hikma International for the last two years. I have gone through many Islam publications and found that there was no proper guidance in a manner students require as they grow. Therefore with the approval of the Dharul Hikma International School Director/Principal started this noble task since June 2012. Alhamdulillah we were able to complete and publish the books for the use of Hikmians since June 2013.

The series of books covers 40 Hadees, The Amma Juzu, Asma-ul-Husna, colouring pages, and handwork. It is also a 3 way book. Teachers book, Students book and an Activity book. This book not only meant to schools, it is also good for reading by any one to get a basic ideas of Islam. I was also able to use my knowledge in memory training, guidance & counseling into fulfilling the needs of the readers.

Maa Shaa Allah. 

M.A.F.Husna Dip in TT
Member of the Leadership Council
Teacher in Charge of Primary Classes.